A Prayer for the World

Dear Heavenly Father,

We come to you and thank you for all of creation. We thank you from taking energy that was no larger than a mustard seed and creating this ever expanding, beautiful and amazing universe for us to live. 
We thank you for the Earth, and all its beauty and majesty, and thank you for providing us with the air to breathe, water to drink and food to eat that nourishes us each day.

We thank you for all of your creatures you created and allowed Adam to name and we thank you for the creation of Humankind from the dusts of the universe and the dusts of the earth. We thank you for sending your Son Jesus who died for our sins, so though him we may be forgiven and enter into the New Heaven and be on the New Earth. We thank you for our lives, and we pray that each day we find some small way to honor you.

Lord God, we acknowledge that we have problems and issues here in this time, and this season of your creation. We know that there are evil men present on the Earth, who seek to destroy your creation- all your natural beauties, the air, water, and foods you’ve provided. Lord we know our political systems are in disarray, and we are turning on one another in anger and hate instead of turning to you to seek your guidance, wisdom and love.

Dear Lord, we believe in our hearts that you have the ways and means to change the minds, thoughts and hearts of those in power, and those to make the decisions that affect our very lives. That’s why father in YOUR mighty name God- Creator of the Universe and All that is, was, and ever will be…and in the name of our savior Jesus Christ and the mystery name of Your Holy Spirit, Lord we believe right now that your righteous anger will be poured like a burning oil of a lamp of Heaven on the Kings, Queens, Princes, Princesses, Dukes, Lords, Ladies, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Dictators, Prime ministers, Heads of State, Warlords, Chairmen, Senators and Legislators, Heads of Business with dark influence over those, and anyone in a position of power who tries to harm humanity and destroy your creation. Let those doing evil burn in your word and seek you and the relief your redemption. Lord We as a family of Christ and your creation call out to you for the righteous conviction and righteous correction in all of their personal lives, secret dealings, and political decisions.

Lord, we as a nation, as a people, as the Human Race rebuke Lucifer and his army of fallen angels and demons. We take spiritual authority over our lives, our families lives and we claim spiritual authority through the blood of Jesus over our homes, neighborhoods, cities, states and Countries… and we ask that the chains of the Holy Spirit wrap around those devils and Satan’s trying to influence those humans that be in power.

We ask that the Armies of the Lord take those that do evil in bondage and we believe now that those mighty warrior angels are right now casting those Fallen Angels, Demons and Principalities and Powers into the fiery pit of Hell, to be destroyed before all of creation.

Lord we call on you to send your Armies, to wage the secret war from the eyes of us Humans, to battle Lucifer and his armies back, so that we may have a regrowth worldwide, a new chance a slowdown in the plans, extended time for the redemption of the world before the times of the bible prophecy of Revelations. Allow us to find a way to love one another, not just here, but in every country of the world and love one another in Your name Holy God. We pray that this be in Your Will and Your plans for the world. Allow us as Christians more time to come to know you deeper, and allow us the opportunities to have the strength and courage to spread Your works, Your word, and Your love.

Please heal this beautiful planet you gave us to be stewards of. Please help us to do what is right for the environment- not as politicians and scientists tell us what is and what isn’t to be done.. Let us sense your Holy Spirit in our hearts and be given your supernatural wisdom of the workings of this planet to share with our friends, family, communities and world. Again Lord, cause those people who are doing harm to the planet- Your creation- to have the righteous conviction and correction of the Holy Spirit.

We thank you Lord for allowing this prayer prayed by so many to be laid at your feet as a petition of prayer for the World, and we believe that the Lord Jesus has picked up this prayer, read it and the angels of Heaven are singing praises to you Lord God for your mercy and kindness, and that we believe your mighty stamp of approval of this prayer has been placed on it and handed off to the Holy Spirit to do its work in the world on our behalf- again, in accordance of you Will for us, and the world.

We praise your Holy Name Dear God, in your name we pray, Jesus our savior and the Holy Spirit, Amen.


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