“Stained Glass Window!”

Stained Glass Window!

Reflecting the other day, in my moments of prayer and thought, I was wondering what to write a blog on- since it’s been a short bit since I last posted. I’ve started many different blogs, but I haven’t been able to finish them and I just couldn’t figure why. I think it was because I wasn’t feeling the call to write those blogs because God was calling me to write something much deeper and something that goes to the soul of what is the current condition of the world.

I saw this quote on some random quote website but something about it touched my heart and inspired today’s blog- God directed me at the right time to the right place to the inspiration I needed…

“People are like stained glass windows: they sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but
when the darkness sets in their true beauty is revealed from the light within shining out.” ~Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

There is a coming darkness and it’s growing, gaining in strength each day and it’s a spirit of separation, hatred and negativity that’s manifesting worldwide more and more each day.

We see this reflected in the news- racial divisions being thrust upon us, we see anger about the Left from the Right and anger from the Right to the Left- anger from the middle as its being crushed by those on the Left and those on the Right… and more wars, gas prices, senseless killing on a massive scale, so on and so on… it’s a massive evil produced and directed by Lucifer and his armies to be physically and emotionally overwhelming to most people if you sit back and watch on a daily basis.

So, like the analogy of an ostrich, a lot of us stick our heads in the sand and think “Experts are telling me it’s going to get better so I’ll just sit here and wait.” Because we can only take so much gloom and doom before we just have to shut off and shut down and disappear into our caves to escape the world. I’ve had friends say “It’s not affecting me, so I don’t care.” And I look at them and just cannot believe what I’m hearing…. But then realize it’s a coping mechanism, it’s not that they really don’t care- they just don’t know what to do, who to help and where to do it.

We come from one of the most generous countries in the history of the world, and there is a lot of people who acknowledge this- but there are some people that feel we should be doing more… but here is the issue, and we really have to ask ourselves in this point in history what happens if we do shut down, and we can’t do more… who is going to help us, who is going to be our light, our savior?

I have an answer… We are the lantern and the light is the Holy Spirit shining in our hearts and Jesus the fuel for the lantern… and Jesus came to save us, but it’s up to us to take the blessing of his saving light into our heart and allow the Holy Spirit to spread and shine into this coming darkness.

What happens when you have one lantern in the dark? There is light, but if you take and pass that flame to another lantern and light it on fire, more and more the darkness becomes a shadow and slowly fades away and the light takes over the dark.

As people of faith, we need to stand alone if need be and be that lantern… spread the love of God in a positive way throughout the world. Don’t be caught up in things of this world, but be aware- and if the darkness come to you, call on Jesus to add more fuel to your fire!

If someone you disagree with politically comes at you with hate, disarm them with love. If someone comes at you with anger, give them twice as much kindness! Don’t allow the darkness to divide you from others because it’s easier to separate away and be anger and hate and think they are “stupid” for not thinking your way… instead reach out to them and try to understand them.

Darkness wants to divide the people of this world because once we’re divided, we’re easily conquered. Once we’re conquered we’ll easily believe anything- or anyone, even those offering darkness pretending to be of light, so be aware of those speaking with silver tongues and offering gold to all to cover over the world’s problems.

Jesus and the light of the Holy Spirit are the only true light that can shine bright and burn in the truth! And in this time, those worshiping, praying, studying and uniting together shall seek out one another- unite and spread the flame!

So I call you to reach out, stand out, stand together united, be the light in the dark to let your beautiful stained glass colors shine into the world, and don’t worry if the darkness starts closing in, because all you have to do is pray and God will provide you with all the fuel you need!

God Bless and be safe!


The Rev Dino