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Vegetable Juice – The Benefits Of A Perfect Nutrition For You

Raw vegetables are the storehouses of all types of nutrients like vitamins, minerals phytonutrients (plant nutrients) and enzymes. But during the process of cooking some of these nutrients are destroyed. That is why raw vegetable juices are so important to boost one’s energy in no time. You get all the vegetable nutrients intact. One most important thing that you get from raw vegetables is the chlorophyll which is the energy stored by the plants in the form of green pigments made from the sunlight. Commercially prepared raw juices are available which claim to be 100% natural. But it is not.

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Maintaining Optimal Alkalinity: A Cornerstone of Good Health

Diet is one of the single most important factors in health and healing. The Western diet places heavy emphasis on concentrated animal proteins and processed, grain-derived carbohydrates, which have a relatively low nutritional value. This way of eating is sometimes referred to as the Standard American Diet (SAD), and produces a chronic low-grade, overly-acid state in the body, according to many well-documented studies. By understanding the impact your diet has on your overall health in terms of pH balance, you will see that an alkalizing diet can offer numerous benefits for wellness and vitality – both immediately and for the

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