Josh White – Absolution, amazing album!

“Absolution”, the new album by singer songwriter Josh White, is not so much a new album as it is a deconstruction and recreation of songs from the singer’s past. Having written music for the Church for over a decade under multiple identities (Telecast, The Followers, and Pilgrim), White draws here from his three Telecast records, and with the help of his friends Eric Earley (Blitzen Trapper, The Followers), Evan Way (The Parson Red Heads, Ozarks), Daniel Dixon (Greylag) and producer / mixer Danny O’Hanlon, he creates an organic and extremely intimate worship experience. The album also features one brand new

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Rock On: Music and Christianity By Rev. Dino

I’ve been debating about writing this blog for a while. Mainly because I don’t want people to get the wrong perspective on Christian music and become disillusioned with it because of the words I am about to write. God tells us not to idolize things of this world, but to Worship Him with the end goal of us receiving his love for all eternity. How amazing is that and would that be, right? Pretty awesome of a thought, the great creator of the world, the universe, ALL of existence loving us… wow! Let’s not take our eyes off of the

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The Peace Regime – Free The Music For The Children Campaign

Free The Music For The Children Campaign Here at Peace Regime we have always striven to do positive things with our resources that reached beyond just releasing quality music. From the beginning our goal was to release great music and to impact the world we live in through charity and other efforts of good will in the greatest possible way. Given the current sluggish economic situation, and the current climate in the ever changing monster we call the music industry, we decided to devise a program that would allow us to get our music into the hands of as many

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