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The mighty Avocado is Incredibly nutritious

What we refer to as “avocado” is the fruit of the avocado tree, called Persea americana. This fruit is prized for its high nutrient value and is added to all sorts of dishes due to its good flavor and rich texture. It is the main ingredient in guacamole. These days, the avocado has become an incredibly popular food among health conscious individuals. It is often referred to as a superfood… which is not surprising given its health properties. There are many kinds of avocados, and the shape (from pear-shaped to round) and color (from green to black) can vary between

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Maca Considered Beneficial for Weight Loss?

Maca, a perennial plant that can resist adverse climatic conditions such as frost and strong winds grows extensively in the Andes Mountains of Peru at very high elevations. No other edible food crop grows at such high elevations of 14,500 ft. The root of the plant is used as a vegetable similar to radish by Peruvians. It serves as a rich source of nutrients. Chemicals such as alkaloids, terpenes and sterols present in the root serve to treat various diseases. Pharmacological benefits of the root are harnessed in treatment of hormone related diseases, sterility problems and for improving overall health.

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Coconut oil is truly amazing.

People have put together hundreds of different uses for this beneficial oil and it’s found its way into pantries, medicine cupboards, and even first aid kits. Some of the uses may seem bizarre at first, but coconut oil has garnered this newfound fame for good reason. It works. For years, coconut oil has had a bad name, lumped in with unhealthy saturated fats. People steered away from it and other high fat foods. The problem with throwing coconut oil in the same category as butter, margarine, and shortening is this oil is far healthier than it appears. The saturated fats

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Blood orange salad with citrus basil dressing.

Like many citrus fruits, blood oranges are full of antioxidants and vitamin C, which aids in healing, strengthens your immune system, helps the body absorb iron, and helps reduce the risk of cancer. Another cool fact about the blood orange is that it contains the antioxidant anthocyanin, which gives the fruit its beautiful red pigmentation. Nutrition experts believe that anthocyanins have anti-inflammatory properties, and are also helpful in preventing cancer, diabetes and bacterial infections, as well as reducing the risk of heart disease (source). While I love just eating blood oranges plain and on their own, they were the perfect

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Nutritional Value And Benefits Of Mushrooms

Healthy Mushrooms

Mushrooms are usually called a “wooden meat” in some parts of Europe. They have been suggested to be a delicates since age of Pharaohs, may be earlier. Today, mushrooms are eaten by people, for their relish, texture as well as for the health benefits. So the health and taste benefits of mushrooms are widely known. On the average 100 grams of uncooked, white button mushrooms contain these nutrients: vitamin B2 – 0.4 – 0.5 mg, vitamin B1 – 0.1 – 0.2 mg, vitamin B6 – 0.1 mg, vitamin B9 – 16.0 mcg, vitamin B3) – 3.6 mg, pantothenic acid (vitamin

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Health Benefits of Tomatoes

Taste and nutrition as well as the health benefits of tomatoes have been highly valued. Enjoyed all over the world, they are essential ingredients in the diets of many cultures. Yet the plant has a spotty past, including myths, misconceptions and controversy, and the challenges of modern mass production of the tomato continue to spark debate. Yet there is no debate over the intrinsic health benefits and is treasured for its nutritional value as much as its delicious taste. History of the Tomato Peru is generally credited with first cultivating of the fruit now known as the tomato. The tomatoes

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Coconut Oil – Miracle Medicine and Diet Pill

Throughout this article, “coconut oil” means virgin coconut oil — oil that “has not” been refined, bleached, or deodorized. Although none of that processing is necessary, some manufacturers do it anyway, which produces the same problems as those associated with hydrogenated oils. (The 8% of unsaturated fats that coconut oil contains can be damaged by such high-heat processing.) So when you shop, look for virgin coconut oil — oil that isn’t bleached, refined, or deodorized. Coconut oil [unrefined only] can replace most of your medicine cabinet, energize you, and make you slimmer in the bargain. Introduction Coconut oil and, to

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Sweet And Tasty: The Health Enhancing Effects Of Eating Blueberries

It’s the summer blues season, and it is the perfect time to enjoy nature’s bountiful blueberry harvest in full swing. Prime blueberry season runs from mid June to mid August. In fact, New England hiking enthusiasts may happen to find a patch of smaller, wild blueberries on their off trail hiking treks. Blueberries are a nutritional bonanza of health enhancing compounds ranging from antioxidants, anthocyanins, ellagic acid, to phenolic acids. Researchers at Tufts University recently conducted an analysis of 60 fruits and vegetables, and rated the brightly colored blueberry with the highest antioxidant capacity to destroy free radicals. Concerned about

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Are You Prepared for an Emergency?

Are you prepared for an emergency? During the last decade there have been many reasons to ask this question. Considering a few of the major disasters that populations have endured, including the 2004 tsunami in Asia and hurricane Katrina in the Southeastern United States, it should be an essential priority to have an emergency plan and supplies ready for that unforeseen disaster. With a little preparation and planning you can be on your way toward adequate emergency preparedness. A few basic things to consider are having an emergency plan, a survival kit, and a long term survival strategy.    Many

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How To Use Oregano Oil And Its Benefits

Oil of Oregano or Origanum Vulgare is extracted from the fresh leaves of the Oregano. The Wild Oregano Plant, which grows in the Mediterranean region, is of the highest quality and potency. This is due to the climate and the pollutant and chemical free environment. This Oregano Plant is a woody shrub and actually part of the mint family. It has two key compounds, carvacrol and thymol. Some argue that carvacrol is the most important compound and is known for its ability to fight against foreign invaders. As with any product you should be aware of the side-effects when using

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