Coconut Oil – Miracle Medicine and Diet Pill


Throughout this article, “coconut oil” means virgin coconut oil — oil that “has not” been refined, bleached, or deodorized. Although none of that processing is necessary, some manufacturers do it anyway, which produces the same problems as those associated with hydrogenated oils. (The 8% of unsaturated fats that coconut oil contains can be damaged by such high-heat processing.) So when you shop, look for virgin coconut oil — oil that isn’t bleached, refined, or deodorized. Coconut oil [unrefined only] can replace most of your medicine cabinet, energize you, and make you slimmer in the bargain. Introduction Coconut oil and, to

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God is Merciful


God’s mercy extend to all his children, and we are privileged to share in his merciful kindness, it brings a blessing to our lives when we are merciful to others, and as we open our bowels of compassion to help those who need a lengthening of tranquility. There is a promise awaiting fulfilment. Blessed are the merciful for they will eventually obtain mercy. In the children of Israel exodus from Egypt, the Lord showed his mercy when he came down in the cloud and stood before them to proclaim his name, the LORD passed on in front of Moses, proclaiming

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Dynamics of Spiritual Growth

spiritual growth charging life

Although spiritual hunger and need are prime prerequisite for light and understanding, The Holy Spirit will never give forth its precious treasure of spiritual truth without any deep experience and at no cost either. The Holy Spirit does not reveal the truth for deeper life without us meaning business with Jesus. The modern teaching of consecration, which is tantamount to the consecration of the “old man” seeks to bypass the death to self, and thus leads to frustration and failure. The inners struggle to be good for Jesus is actually inversely contradictory to the works of the Holy Spirit. When

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Homemade Coconut Oil Cleanser For Acne


It shouldn’t be a surprise that coconut oil is becoming more and more popular and widely used in skincare products. One of the reasons for this is that it’s rich in essential fatty and amino acids that moisturize skin and regulate cell function. Essential fatty acids maintain the integrity of cellular skin walls and enable the transference of waste and water, a function that is important for skin health and a clear acne free complexion. Maintaining healthy cell membranes through the regular topical application of essential fatty acid rich oils and serums, means plump moist hydrated cells. Not enough essential

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Sweet And Tasty: The Health Enhancing Effects Of Eating Blueberries


It’s the summer blues season, and it is the perfect time to enjoy nature’s bountiful blueberry harvest in full swing. Prime blueberry season runs from mid June to mid August. In fact, New England hiking enthusiasts may happen to find a patch of smaller, wild blueberries on their off trail hiking treks. Blueberries are a nutritional bonanza of health enhancing compounds ranging from antioxidants, anthocyanins, ellagic acid, to phenolic acids. Researchers at Tufts University recently conducted an analysis of 60 fruits and vegetables, and rated the brightly colored blueberry with the highest antioxidant capacity to destroy free radicals. Concerned about

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Put God Back in Your Life


Why is it that we spend so much time taking God out of everything that we do in our lives. Is it that we are trying to hide from him; to be disobedient. You cannot hide from the one who sees all and hears all. Put God back in your life. You can trust me when I say that God through his son, Jesus Christ, will welcome you back as he carries you to victory. Remember the poem called “Foot Prints” which speaks to when we are at our lowest point, it is at that time that God carries us.

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Create in me a clean heart


In our prayer, we need the Lord to intervene, in streams of faithful resources, love us not as we love you Lord, help us, although we have tempted you; with indiscipline measures we have deprived the fellowship of the Holy Spirit. But In the twilight of this dispensation, the aspect of fear continues to incite our heart to bewilderment. Although the conscience cannot set the errors of the heart right, it leaves a scar of vexation. Much activities in our hearts is hidden from the public eye, and correction is found through our own meditation, by owning up and admitting

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Are You Prepared for an Emergency?


Are you prepared for an emergency? During the last decade there have been many reasons to ask this question. Considering a few of the major disasters that populations have endured, including the 2004 tsunami in Asia and hurricane Katrina in the Southeastern United States, it should be an essential priority to have an emergency plan and supplies ready for that unforeseen disaster. With a little preparation and planning you can be on your way toward adequate emergency preparedness. A few basic things to consider are having an emergency plan, a survival kit, and a long term survival strategy.    Many

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The Benefit of Water for your Skin and Health


Lack of water in the body tends to give rise to dehydration, thereby posing hurdles for the blood to circulate. The gravity of problem increases, as it causes the brain to become less active and your body feels tired and fatigued. Well, the reservoir encompassing the advantages of drinking water is very large, so, read further to explore other health benefits of drinking water… What really do we get from water, that our body must have, and can’t live without? It’s the benefit of the fluidity of water, and what it does for our bodies that is the most important

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Lying Hurts The Liar


Why do people lie?  Why do some people seem to NOT be able to tell the truth even when the truth is clearly obvious or evident?  What makes a person tell lies instead of the truth? Liars eventually get caught in their tangled web of lies and deceitfulness.  Lying hurts the liar and those who are subjected to the lies of the liar.  Lying hurts relationships and it makes the liar untrustworthy.  A liar violates the trust others may have had in them when they are caught in their lies.  Liars seem to carry an enormous amount of burden upon

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