How To Use Oregano Oil And Its Benefits

Oil of Oregano or Origanum Vulgare is extracted from the fresh leaves of the Oregano. The Wild Oregano Plant, which grows in the Mediterranean region, is of the highest quality and potency. This is due to the climate and the pollutant and chemical free environment. This Oregano Plant is a woody shrub and actually part of the mint family. It has two key compounds, carvacrol and thymol. Some argue that carvacrol is the most important compound and is known for its ability to fight against foreign invaders. As with any product you should be aware of the side-effects when using this product. Oil of Oregano can be purchased in the form of a liquid, a dried herb or a capsule at most health food or online retailers.

The natural health community has widely embraced Oil of Oregano for its many Oregano Oil uses and Oregano Oil Benefits. It is suggested that when purchasing Oregano Oil that you look for one that contains at least a 70% carvacrol concentration. Oregano Oil is a potent essential oil. It can be very hot to taste and has a warm burning sensation when applied directly to the skin. Most instructions for use will involve mixing Oil of Oregano with olive or coconut oil. Prices can vary among products and usually the higher the carvacrol concentration the higher the price tag.

Oregano Oil is one of the most versatile herbs on the market. Most agree Oil of Oregano is a precious and powerful gift from Mother Nature. Most traditional home remedies use the essential oils of the Oregano Plant to heal the body both internally and externally. Oregano Oil is a super natural powerhouse and is widely respected by professionals in the natural health care and medical field.

It is truly one of the most potent and versatile herbs available today. Here are a few of the various Oregano oil uses:

1. Allergies and sinus congestion
2. Arthritis
3. Natural Household disinfectants
4. Infections of the skin
5. As a digestive aid
6. Parasite cleanse
7. Ear infections

Though oregano oil is so natural, it should be properly diluted to avoid the burning sensation. It is advised not to apply around the area of eyes and nose. You can use Oregano Oil on Infected Gums, Toothaches, Sores and Wounds, Acne, Eczema and various Skin Conditions, Joint Pain, Nail Fungus, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Head Lice, and so much more. It is wise to always test a small amount of Oregano Oil first to check for any reactions. For treatment of most external conditions you can dilute Oil of Oregano in an oil such as olive or coconut. You can buy these oils at most natural and online retail stores.

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