Put God Back in Your Life

Why is it that we spend so much time taking God out of everything that we do in our lives. Is it that we are trying to hide from him; to be disobedient. You cannot hide from the one who sees all and hears all. Put God back in your life. You can trust me when I say that God through his son, Jesus Christ, will welcome you back as he carries you to victory.
Remember the poem called “Foot Prints” which speaks to when we are at our lowest point, it is at that time that God carries us. You don’t have to wait until you are at your lowest point to put him back into your life. In other words, whether your life is at its lowest point or highest point, you still need God to carry you. One way to make sure he carries you is to establish or reestablish a relationship with Jesus Christ and keep him in your life.

Relationship with God
The Bible teaches us that we were made in his image and as such, we are told to be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth… (Genesis 1:27-28). Although initially, God promised Adam and Eve peace and prosperity in the “Garden of Eden,” in that they could eat anything. However, God also said just do me one favor; do not eat from the “Tree of Knowledge and Good.” Well, there we have it. God gave us a choice and this choice would lead to disobedience. Running away from a relationship with him can only lead to trouble.

God made us in his image so that we could establish and maintain this relationship with him through communication. Having a relationship with God is personal in that it is between you and him and nobody else. You must also remember that you cannot have an attitude, hate, or not love others because it is a reflection of your relationship with God. He who sits high and looks low knows your every being and as such, having a relationship with him is the only way to put him back into your life.

Come Back to God Through Jesus Christ
If you have left God, ask for forgiveness. God will forgive you because forgiveness restores broken relationships. I realize that its hard and we must understand that he never promised us that if we are obedient that all would be okay. However, as the poem implies, we can trust him to carry us when times are good and bad because that is the father we serve. So put God back in your life through a relationship with Jesus Christ and let him carry you to victory.

Larry F. Ross, Sr