Advent – The Season with a Reason

Advent is a joyous season with a reason to welcome Jesus Christ into our life. This is a happy time to remember, exalt, praise and honour the King of Heaven. It is He, who is the only way to God’s Kingdom in heaven, the way to attain the New-Life promised to us! The season of advent starts four weeks before Christmas including four Sundays. This season is the season of waiting in anticipation for the arrival of Jesus Christ into our hearts and homes. Mary, the mother of Jesus also had waited for the coming of the Holy son in the frosty, winter season, at Bethlehem.  Advent is the season with adequate reason for mankind to celebrate the coming of the “Lord of Light”, to remove all darkness and shadows in our life and from the world!

 Advent prepares us for Christmas and teaches that there is so much joy in waiting. Waiting, for the arrival of the “Prince of Peace”, our Wonderful Saviour! The first week of Advent is marked with prayers, meditation and adoration of Blessed Mother Mary. We lovingly adore and thank the mother of Jesus Christ for giving such an amazing son to the world. Seeking her guidance to help us prepare our homes and heart to welcome the special guest, Jesus. It is time for introspection to become more like Christ. We rejoice as we prepare to celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ.

  “And the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid; I am bringing you good news of great joy for all the people.”

Luke 2:10 

The second week of Advent reforms our heart. We get filled with love, hope, joy and forgiveness. We embrace and enjoy the peaceful time of togetherness in festive spirit. As we get spiritually enlightened, we also get ready with our choir groups, Christmas-candles, decorations and shopping. Fun and frolic is in the air with people rejoicing both young and old! Blooming flowers in the gardens and homes being made ready for Christmas-time is scenic. Indeed, the joy of waiting and welcoming the coming of Jesus Christ is reflected from each home, big or small.

“To you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, who is Christ the Lord.”

Luke 2:11 

In the third and the fourth week of Advent we not only prepare for the Bethlehem event but also for the second and the final coming of the Lord, Jesus Christ. We wait to welcome Jesus in the manger with our heart’s and homes ready, so do we have to keep awake and stay ready for the second and final coming of Jesus Christ in hopeful anticipation. Shame, hopelessness and sin recede and humility, hopefulness and goodness are seen everywhere in this special season. Emmanuel-God is with us! We celebrate the divine mystery for we know that God has come into our lives.




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