Drinking Water For Weight Loss

A simple start to a weight loss program is to drink more water.  A large part of your body is made of water and by making sure you have enough in your system you are going to help yourself lose weight.  Your body craves water, without it your body stops functioning and this craving for water can be mistaken for a desire for food.  For this reason alone drinking water for weight loss can be very successful, but there are more reasons to keep yourself hydrated.  

Lack of water in your body leaves you tired as the system fights with itself to work efficiently.  Water is used to breakdown food after ingestion and in turn flushes away the waste.  With a deficit of water in the system, food isn’t absorbed as well leaving you tired and that gives us a craving for more food.  The body cannot flush out your system as efficiently and this affects your levels of cholesterol and skin complexion.

Note: drinking water for weight loss can be done to the extreme.  Too much water can lead to problems as well – so it is important to “listen” to your body.

When you have ample water in your body, then your metabolic rate increases, meaning you burn more calories and you will have more energy.  If nothing more you will need to visit the restroom more frequently, but you will have the energy to run there and back.  Drinking water for weight loss goes hand in hand with your fat burning diet.  The most successful weight loss programs ask you to modify your diet to eating more fruit and vegetables and reducing your carb intake.  Higher water intake allows your body to take advantage of the higher quality food entering your body and get it in to your body for its better use.

When you get up in the morning you should drink water.  Personally, I drink just under a liter immediately. This is because even though you have been asleep your body hasn’t and this activity costs water. Hydrate early in the day and your body will love you for it.  You will probably find the desire for an instant breakfast disappears as well.  Carry on drinking water from time to time throughout the day and especially before eating.  Be aware that depending on where you live and work and what level of physical movement you do will determine the amount of water you need to consume.  For example in air conditioned buildings or travelling by airplane, your body will be losing water quicker and therefore you will need to increase your intake.

You can get water though fruit, which is great and healthy snack as not only you ingest the water but also the vitamins and minerals.  Stay away from sodas as there are so many other components in the drink that your body then wants to expel from the body and that process costs you water.  Caffeine if drunk at all, should be drunk in moderation and ideally counteract the dieretic effect by matching a cup of coffee with an equal amount of water.

Drinking water for weight loss works! you will notice the difference in your energy levels and in your complexion and the best thing is you can start today.  Tip: if you start drinking water for weight loss and the water doesn’t taste too great, squeeze a bit of lemon or lime in to it.

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By Rob Dover