Switch Up Your Morning Ritual With Tea Instead of Coffee


Switch Up Your Morning Ritual With Tea Instead of Coffee

Your alarm goes off at 5 a.m. and you have to start preparing for your work day. After taking a shower you go to the kitchen and reach for a hot cup of joe. But what about switching to tea instead? Coffee is full of caffeine and doesn’t have as many health benefits as tea does. So, it might be time to replace that cup of coffee every morning with tea:

The Accessory Options are Endless

If you drink a loose leaf tea, like a lapsang souchong tea, you have many options to how you steep, drink and pour your tea. Better Living Through Design has a loose leaf teacup with an ingenious design. The cup has a tilted base with an built-in and removable strainer on the side, so you don’t have to pull pieces out of your cup. Just pour, steep and sip.

If you’re on the go, iHeartTeas.com offers an affordable steep-and-go option. The Steep & Go Screw attaches to the top of any water bottle. All you need to do is put your tea leaves into the water bottle, mix, let it steep for 10 minutes then pop off the lid!

Who can beat Star Trek? Think Geek has an officially licensed Star Trek tea in honor of Captain Jean-Luc Picard. Does coffee have that? Didn’t think so.

You Can Help Save the Environment

Did you know that the coffee-roasting process emits matter, organic compounds and acid into the atmosphere? Also, coffee filters are a one-time use kind of deal. Once you are done brewing your coffee you have to throw that filter away. That gets expensive and places more junk in the junkyard.

Teas Cost Less

If you use loose leaf teas, they can be re-steeped multiple times, costing less per cup than coffee, with which you only get one use out of the coffee grounds. Hitting up Starbucks before work every day can cost you up to $100 a month. By switching to tea you will cut that price drastically, only spending about $20 a month if you brew it at work or home.

The Caffeine Battle

A traditional cup of brewed coffee has about 110 mg of caffeine, as opposed to 50 mg of caffeine for black tea. Sure, caffeine is great to help you wake up, but too much caffeine can cause an increased heart rate, increased blood sugar and disrupt your sleep cycle. It is recommended to drink three to five cups of tea a day, equaling to about 250 mg a day. If you were to drink that much coffee, you would have 750 mg of caffeine! It is recommended not to get more than 300 mg a day.

Teas Have Withstood the Test of Time

The earliest documented tea consumption dates back to 10th century B.C. It has been a staple in Asia, where there are both traditional Japanese tea ceremonies as well as Chinese. The Brits have their own thing too: British tea time.

Coffee, on the other hand, was first documented around the 13th century.

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