A fast food culture – what are we actually eating?

Americans consume by far more fast food per capita than any nation on the planet.  We are also the fattest nation on the planet. I wonder if there is a correlation?

But what is it we are really eating when we pile the kids in the SUV and head over to the nearest fast food burger joint?

Let’s examine for a moment our fast food craze and what it is we are actually consuming.

Beef factories that supply your fast food hamburger have a firm policy;  they refuse to waste one bit of the slaughtered animal.  They are masterfully efficient in their ability to bring you your burger at the least possible cost to themselves.  Every part of the animal is considered food.  Leftover bits and pieces of hormone laden, antibiotic fed, diseased cows are ground up together and fed back to the live cows.  Then these cows are ground up and fed to you.

The Big Mac you just had for lunch may very well have been the remains of as many as four hundred cows.  That’s right, your hamburger might consist of the ground up parts of up to four hundred cows.  Moreover, your lunch might have been pieced and glued together from the remains of hundreds of cows from many different states or even countries.  Many of those cows died horrible deaths due to malignant diseases. 

It has been estimated that nearly eighty percent of all ground beef is infested with microbes that are spread by fecal matter.  You see, cows produce  a whole bunch of crap and then they stand around in it for their entire lives.  So when they die due to horrible conditions or even make it alive to the slaughterhouse this crap is ground up and becomes part of your Flame Broiled Whopper.

There are roughly ten billion chickens existing on factory farms at any given time in America.  They will live the entirety of their tortured existence never seeing natural daylight.  Egg laying hens live their entire lives in small wire cages which house as many as seven hens.  This prison is where they will live until the day of their untimely slaughter.  They have no room to move or even spread their wings.  They will never do one natural thing in their artificially shortened life.  They are a commodity that produces eggs and nothing more.   Of course these conditions drive these intelligent, social creatures insane and so they are painfully de-beaked so as not to cause harm to their cagemates thereby cutting into the profit margin of their cruel captors.

All of this stress causes their immune systems to quit functioning and so they are pumped full of antibiotics which of course is passed on to you every time you eat a Chicken McNugget.  It is granted that a Chicken McNugget does not contain much chicken but nevertheless the many different parts which are ground up and glued back together to form your McNasty lunch are  also hormone laden and contain fecal matter. 

Part of the reason that the fast food we eat is harmful is because it really isn’t food.  It is processed on an assembly line and then flash frozen.  Of course when you freeze and dehydrate food it loses it’s taste.  To make this processed food taste less like cardboard it is injected with chemicals.  When you order your Burger King strawberry shake there are over forty chemicals used to make it taste like strawberry.  None of these chemicals is actually strawberry however. Methyl anthranilate is a good example of a chemical used to make grape Kool-Aid taste like grape.  This chemical is used to inhibit metal corrosion in jet engine lubricants.  Amyl acetate tastes like bananas and is also used as a paint and lacquer solvent. Can you imagine what we are doing to our bodies when we eat this crap that we actually call food?

The bottom line is that if you are addicted to fast food as is the case with many Americans, you are eating high calorie, chemical laden, disease ridden nonfood which is causing harm to your body.  You should examine the ingredients of every bit of  fast food you consume and doubtless a thorough examination will leave you in shock.  Once you actually know what you are eating the wisest course of action will be to eliminate all fast food from your life.  It will pay great dividends to your health in the years to come.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/nutrition-articles/a-fast-food-culture-what-are-we-actually-eating-4001168.html

About the Author

I am passionate about health issues, and the state of the health of our wonderful America. I believe the American diet is literally killing us and that a steady flow of money and perks from the meat, egg, and dairy industries to the U.S. government is the reason we have had a long sustained brainwashing campaign that has precipitated the shift from a predominantly plant-based diet to an animal-based diet. The result has been an unprecedented increase in heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and cancers of all varieties. I believe Americans are suffering from a lack of truthful information concerning our diets. I enjoy writing motivational articles that will help to correct the problem regarding this lack of information and also examine the prevailing misinformation in the light of truth.