How Vegetables can Help Balance Your Body’s pH Level

Today’s fast paced, modern lifestyle makes us miss out on our daily healthy servings of fruits and vegetables. When nutritionists tell us to take at least five servings of these hearty orange, red and greens everyday, we just don’t have the time to do it. Most often, we feast on a breakfast full of acid, fats, starch, and carbohydrates – from orange juices, toasts, omelette’s, bacons, pancakes, sausages and more.

What we eat during the day might give us all that energy needed to keep us going, but we might be unaware of the damage we bring to our bodies. The problem with today’s food-on-the-go is the amount of acid it gives us. Acid means toxins and our bodies need a pH level of 7.356 to be healthy. Imbalances on the pH scale would either result to being underweight or overweight. Acidosis can make our bodies sick, and we need all the Alkaline we can get from our foods.

Which foods are rich in Alkaline?

Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables everyday can help restore your body’s pH levels. Other than this, whole grains and legumes also help you get your Alkaline fix. Just remember not to drink and eat all at once, and chew your foods properly to get the best alkaline fluid for your body.

Which foods are Acid-forming?

Most foods rich in acid are usually the ones that we really can’t avoid eating. These include poultry, meat, fish, refined sugars, and processed foods. Many of our food today are spiked with dangerous food additives like aspartame, MSG, and chemical preservatives, which heightens the effect of acid in our bodies. Having too much acid in the body can mean disease, on top of your daily stress, unhealthy diet and lack of proper exercise.

What are the Health Benefits of a Balanced pH Level in Your Body?

  • You will have a better protection against free radicals damage and premature aging, specially from Chlorophyll-rich fruits and vegetables
  • Your body will achieve better immunity from cardiovascular and digestive diseases. Because your blood pressure is kept at a healthy level, this means a healthy supply of blood and oxygen throughout your organs, tissues and cells.
  • Your will also be free from toxins and toxin-related diseases like cancer, diabetes, kidney failure, arthritis, osteoporosis and various neurological diseases. Alkaline simply means detoxification.
  • You will have a better digestion because of enzymes found in fruits and vegetables. This means the nutrients will be easily absorbed by your body.

It is recommended that one should include 75 to 80 percent of Alkaline-rich foods in a diet to keep the body healthy. It is never too late to balance your body’s pH level by taking a healthy amount of your green foods. Restore your health, be energized and feel the difference!

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Alyssa is a Health Care Professional in Hawaii and has a passion for maintaining optimal health through proper nutrition and good food choices. She is a strong believer that – Food is Medicine and Medicine should be your Food – Together with her husband, they operate Fit 4 Maui, a company that provides nutritional superfoods and simple, easy to implement lifelong wellness programs.

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