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Smoking is a very difficult addiction to break. It has both a physical and chemical hold on you. Smokers do manage to quit each day and you can too by finding the techniques that will work for you. Use the options listed below to make a true effort to quit smoking.

First, set a target date to quit smoking.  Don’t pick a date that falls at a stressful time of the year for you, such as the holidays.  You will be more likely to be successful if you choose a time that is not already associated with stress for you.  Also, do not choose a date too far in advance or you may not stay focused on your goal, and will be less likely to actually quit.  It is best to choose a date about a month in advance.  It is also not a good idea to choose tomorrow as your quit date, as it doesn’t allow enough time to fully prepare yourself.

Prior to stopping smoking, start a journal to record your smoking habits.  In this journal write down how strong the urge was to have a cigarette and what you were doing at the time.  Most people know the common triggers such as after a meal, but don’t always associate smoking with other activities, such as while watching TV or talking on the phone.  This will enable you to recognize times in advance when you would normally smoke and you can have a plan in place to replace smoking with something else.  There are even mobile apps available to aid you in journaling your smoking habits.

It is important to change your routine so that you may avoid situations where you would normally smoke.  For example, many people tend to linger at the table after dinner and have a cigarette after their meal.  It is a good idea to get up from the table immediately upon finishing to remove yourself from a situation where you would normally smoke.  It doesn’t take long for this habit to replace sitting at the table and smoking after dinner. 

It is also a good idea to let others know of your planned date to quit smoking.  Not only does this hold you more accountable, but it may also give you some needed support as well.  When you’re having a difficult time with not smoking you can often call on others to give you a pep talk when needed, and they may be able to offer advice as well.  It will also let them know in advance that you may have some changes in mood and be more irritable early on in the quitting process. 

Most importantly, if you slip up do not let this cause you to give up.   Most people do slip up a couple of times before successfully quitting.  Think about what caused you to slip up and come up with a plan of how you may deal with it in the future.  Do not think of yourself as failing.  Instead, be proud that you have made the choice to quit and continue on towards your goal.

By following the above tips, you will be more prepared to stop smoking and will be more likely to achieve your goal successfully.  You are now one step closer to being smoke-free.

Five Options to Stop Smoking

There are many different stop smoking aids available these days. Some smokers have had a great deal of success quitting cold turkey, while others require the assistance of the quitting aids. You have medication, gum, patches and electronic cigarettes to choose from. Seek the advice of your doctor to get an idea of what will work best for your personal situation.

Make every attempt to distance yourself from other smokers. It can be difficult to quit if you are constantly around other smokers. Find new places to hang out during your lunch break at work instead of going out to the smoker’s area. Go to different restaurants where you are not comfortable standing outside smoking. Whatever you need to do to remove yourself from a smoking environment should be done.

You must remind yourself of why you want to quit smoking frequently. You would benefit by making little notes and placing them around your home, work place and car that reminds you of the reasoning behind your desire to quit. It could be because of your friends and family, because you are concerned with your health or because you cannot afford to continue paying for this expensive habit. Each time you feel the need to light up, think about the most important reason to quit and you should be able to resist the temptation.

You need to find something to replace the habit of smoking. You could try taking up a hobby, get active with exercise, or even start playing video games. As long as what you are doing is something less harmful to yourself, it is a safe replacement for your cigarettes. Many smokers have found it helpful to keep sugar-free lollipops handy so when they get the urge to smoke, they have something to put in their mouth and keep in their hands. It will be much easier for you to quit if you can replace your bad habit with one that is not going to kill you.

Turn to your friends and family for support and incentive. Tell them that you are trying to quit and why you are trying. They will then be able to keep reminding you of what you are attempting to do and why it is important to you. It will also keep other friends and family members from smoking when you are around helping you reduce the temptation that you will have. You may even want to tell the clerks at the store that you frequent that you no longer want them to sell you cigarettes. They will likely remind you of the fact that you are trying to quit the next time you enter the store requesting a pack of cigarettes.

It can be very difficult, but it is not impossible. Use the five options you have learned here to gain the confidence you need to quit smoking.

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