Trust God Alone?

I had the most enjoyable time spending one whole week with my 17 months old granddaughter just this past week. It was such a treat for me since I don’t get to see her that often. It was Christmas time when I saw her last and it’s been over 5 months since. Babies grow so fast just in a few months and she certainly developed a lot in many areas then last time I held her. Now she can talk a few words. She plays with toys more like a toddler. She walks and runs faster. She can use a spoon or a fork to eat somewhat. One thing that she still hasn’t been changed is her trust in parents or family that who loves her. She knows with her whole being that she is loved, cared, accepted, protected and safe.

She loved playing “jump” with me whole time during my one week visit. She asks “Help please!” to get up on the couch so she can jump off as I catch her. She giggles every time when I catch her and make her fly. As soon as I put her down on the floor, there she does again, “Help please!” She had no doubt that I won’t drop her when she jumps off the couch. She totally trusted me. She knew she was safe. Even when I lost my focus for a second and wasn’t paying a close attention, she began to jump because she trusted me to catch her. And I didn’t miss her either. A little child like her knows she is safe. Don’t you wonder sometimes only if we all could keep that kind of total trust in others as we grow up, then how life could be so much easier?

As we grow older, we experience many disappointments and even betray not only from our friends but even from our parents. Our scars in our heart get deeper and deeper every time when we encounter with disappointment. And in the end, many of us decide not to trust other people anymore because we don’t want to get hurt again and again. We’ve learned how to use our self-protection to our heart, “the wall” that keeps us in and keeps others out.

Many Christians say, “Don’t trust people but trust God alone!” It sounds good. But is that totally true? God created each of us relational beings. He wants us to have a love relationship with Him. He also wants us to have a close relationship to each other. We still need each other, because often times God uses other people to show His love to us. We need someone that we can trust and “jump” to experience the wholeness of our life.

I know many of us are afraid to get hurt over and over. But if we want to totally enjoy our life and giggle again like a little child, we need to take a step to choose to trust people around us again. I know that it’s a challenge to us. But we can’t stay in the self-protected walls if we want to be who we really are and experience the love of God. God is trustworthy, and He can also live in other people’s heart and life.

I take a step in love
I take a step in faith
And I choose to trust you again
I put my hope in God
Who fills me with His love
And I choose to trust you again
~ CHOOSE TO TRUST YOU AGAIN~ © 2009 Shine Morrison Music

© 2012 / Shine Morrison Ministries

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