Looking at the brighter side…

Seasons change as days pass us by.  There is no looking back to what has been left behind.  We humble ourselves with what we have surpassed as we smile while we thought of our beautiful past.  We had our humble beginnings before we reached the top and only then could we scream at the top of our lungs.  But life is not a fairytale where the frog would suddenly become a real man after a passionate kiss from his true love. 

Life has a beginning and life has an end but the end of life is not at death.  Life ends when we decide to stop living and start to fade.  Like when God created the trees, He made it to give fruits or flowers not just to languish and shrink.  Once life begins, live it to the fullest because only our God knows when our life should really end. 

It was then the first day of summer when we started our battle four years back but I could still remember every single detail as if it just occurred to me today.  From the first haircut to the last shirt we wore until our final meal before we received our uniforms.  Everything seems so ideal and so pleasant that I never thought it would end so fast.  We surpassed all the difficult tasks and all emotional distress of being away from home.  In spite of all that we have been through, I realized that I am just a man. 

Only four years of hardship but we have built a lifetime of memories to cherish.  We should not regret the long years of training rather make it our inspiration as we pursue our journey to success.  This is the path that God created for us, the path less travelled by.  We only learned the basics of survival so we should continue our journey and learn more about life. 

There is more to know about life and there is more to know about ourselves.  We are now in these circumstances because God knows we can be better persons in a different time. Let us not dwell on our past but pursue what He has dreamt for us.  He will not bring us to the grounds where we will not flourish but wither.  We can be what we want us to be if we could only spread our wings and let the wind bring us to our destiny. 

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