Listen to Your Bodies Alarm System

As I had mentioned in my previous blog I’ve been on rigorous training program training for a big project later this year. With that in mind, I wanted to touch on a subject of the importance of listening to your body, as I have strengthened mine and also have pushed hard as if I have a deadline to make. Missing a day to me was very hard to deal with.

I should have listened to the ache in my ankle to know that one of my infamous Gout attacks was coming on and chilled a bit so it more than likely would have passed in a couple days. Did I chill? No, I had to push it and ride my bike without acknowledging the warning signs back in the beginning of December (which led to a 10 day Cardio training setback). Once I was fine again I climbed back on the bike and went full bore, trying to make up that time (mainly pride) and “bam” another flare-up of Gout came on with yet another 10 days of Pain!

So to you, I say build and strengthen the house God gave you, your hand-crafted and original body, and also learn to listen to the alarm systems that he has also built into you.

Be wise and chill …so you don’t have to learn the way this brainiac has had to (LOL)! I still have 5 months of training and feel already way ahead of where I needed to be at this time, so I’m taking time to slowly get the legs into a stronger position as well as change a few diet items around so I wouldn’t be feeding anymore food to the Gout Monster that lives in my ankle.

Just remember if you ignore the warning bells of the body not only will you have to wait for the injury to subside enough to begin training again, but you’ll have to deal with additional pain as you strengthen it again. There is pain from an actual injury and pain from strengthening one’s body, it’s not hard to know the difference between the two and you better listen, especially when it’s a sharp pain that leads to a failure to that area of your body until it heals.

I’m admitting this as my macho man attitude actually set me back time to time, from ignoring the signs, because I had put into my head “I’m strong, what can hurt me?” Well that’s a stupid way to think and live… and sometimes, God will allow you to get knocked upside the head and make you remember you’re human.

Fitness is a commitment… period… and should begin with daily prayer along with regular workouts, a healthy diet, good sleep and dealing with setbacks, such as injuries.

If you do get injured, do not allow it to “spin you out” and allow self-defeat. Take the proper steps to heal and you will be beck on your way, hopefully with more wisdom this time.

Through God, and my finally listening to Him and my body, I am back on the bike once again and on God’s schedule for this project.

Bottom line…never ignore the alarms, and pray : )

Much Love Everyone, Keep Charging LIFE!

Todd Alan

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