How Overcoming Fear Can Make The World a Better Place

How Overcoming Fear Can Make The World a Better Place
Author: Steve M Nash

Fear is everywhere! It’s in our own lives; it’s in the lives of others; and it’s in our children’s lives and our parents’ lives. And, to a large extent, how successful we are in overcoming fears – fear of commitment, rejection, intimacy, fear of failure and even fear of success – is how successful (and happy) we are in life.

So learning how to overcome fear is very important. To us all.

So how to do so? Well, overcoming fear is actually very simple. It only involves one step, and that is the act of facing fear. Yes, you overcome fears by facing up to them!

(I’ll assume, if you will, that you’ve already recognised that you have a particular fear.)

Still, if facing fears were that easy then we’d all be doing it, every day, which means that there’d be no such thing as that 4-letter word F-E-A-R., would there?

So, of course, it can be difficult indeed to face your fears, but it is not impossible to do so. And it all begins with acknowledging your fear (being aware of it) and then taking action (in this case, learning how to face fear).

In my own life, I’ve suffered from a few fears that have held me back. An example fear that I faced was fear of commitment – fear of getting involved romantically with a woman. And my fears all began after two successive relationships ended leaving me feeling frustrated, confused and hurt.

It took me 3 or 4 years before I noticed that I was ending potential relationships at the first sign of ‘trouble’, that I had a fear – fear of commitment, and maybe fear of rejection – that I needed to overcome. And it took me a couple more years before I was able to take action to overcome my fear. But I did take action, and I can do it again with other fears.

On a grander scale – and thinking of fear as more than just my fear, and your fear – overcoming fear begins with children. If we, as parents, guardians, aunties, uncles, adults, etc. can encourage children to take risks, and to have no fear, then the world WILL be a better place.

But, to do this, we will have to overcome our own fears first. And we should. And we must. After all…

“A child does not have to be taught how to be happy or the ways of love. It is fear, hatred, and prejudice that have to be taught. And from the condition of the world we can see that unfortunately there are some very good teachers.”
— Javan

So I say, let’s all change the world together. Let’s lead by example. And let’s all become better teachers…

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